Imagine arriving at work each day implicitly trusting in the person sitting next to you.  Picture an extremely dedicated and emotionally intelligent workforce that adapts to chaos and can leverage market opportunities that your competitors just can’t see.  What could this mean for your business?

At SOLIDRed Concepts™ we make this possible.


    •   COACHING

      Leverage our uniquely synergistic perspective and holistic approach to developing individual and organizational leadership potential, work culture, and business strategy to maximize your own potential and that of your entire organization.  We deliver this game changing service through whatever means best suit our clients’ needs, including on-site, off-site, and virtual consultations.
    •   PRODUCTS

      Our individual and organizational development products and curricula provide targeted solutions to the most common issues facing organizations and individual leaders today. Our rapidly deliverable, cost-effective and deeply transformative leadership development products WILL give you an advantage over competitors.


      Our leadership advisors are seasoned experts in military operations, corporate leadership, organizational psychology neurobiology, and human behavior. Hosted at the premier Garden of the Gods Club in Colorado Springs, CO, you will not only receive world-class leadership development but also you will have time to recharge and reflect in five-star resort luxury.


Coming in 2017… INTREPID PROFESSIONALS – A New Paradigm for Achieving Corporate Success Using the Intrepid Mindset is a book about MINDSET – the intrepid mindset – and how it can transform business in Corporate America.

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  • 250000+

    thousands of soldiers transition to civilian service each year

  • 21+

    % growth of veterans employed by civilian businesses since 2014

  • 500+

    Research documents under analysis